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Clergy For Fairness

Encourage Your Congregation to Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment

As a religious leader, it is imperative that you speak out to your congregation about the importance of taking immediate action to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment. Urge members of your congregation to take action and send the postcards below to their elected officials. Please also consider placing an important announcement about the Federal Marriage Amendment in your congregation’s weekly bulletin. View our sample announcement for an idea of ways in which you can encourage your congregation to get involved.

How to Print Postcards

Find your state in the list below and download the associated PDF file (make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer). Each PDF consists of one double-sided, standard letter-sized (8.5” x 11”) page. On each page, you will find instructions and the front or back of three postcards — one for each of your state’s two Senators and one that should be returned to Clergy For Fairness. Postcards should be printed on thick paper or card stock. The postcards can be cut by hand, but your local printer will also be able to pre-perforate the cards for you. We encourage you to have the cards professionally printed and perforated.

Email feedback@clergyforfairness.org with any questions about downloading or distributing these postcards.